Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - Thursday, May 17, 2007 - Saturday, May 17, 2008 - Sunday, May 17, 2009: the feast of webmasters

Founded in France in 2006, the feast of webmasters in 2008 crossed borders. Why on May 17? On the day of Saint Pascal, referring to Blaise Pascal. And the founding text of this feast.

Launched in almost indifference in 2006, France, the feast of webmasters in 2007 sparked a membership of some webmasters. In 2008 a little more sites to speak ... Let us not forget that the party grandmothers quickly found "his public" since it was launched (1987) by a brand of coffee ... (Coffee Grand'Mère). The party webmasters has no advertising budget ... WEBMASTER but is the business of the future ... and already this ... Millions of sites could claim "our feast" ...

dimanche 17 mai 2009 nous serons combien ?

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la fête des webmasters

Day webmasters in Spain

la fête des webmasters en ESPAGNE - Día de los webmasters

the founding text of this festival: Blaise Pascal would webmaster!

A comedies:

Three characters: a young narrator (between 22 and 35 years), Mr. Blaise Pascal in appearance, and some Fanny

Act 1

Young narrator:
Pascal, Blaise Pascal , Was born June 19, 1623 in Clermont-Ferrand.
Even a person côtoyée assiduously for years, when we try to present it in a few sentences, one can be certain that it will refuse this description.
Even beloved person, with whom, the meeting at fracture, has lived on stage proclaimed "perfect happiness", "harmony", "perfect agreement".
Reviving here Blaise Pascal is a real challenge.

Even if some DNA Blaise Pascal died on August 19, 1662 we reconstituted, this would never be the thinker of the 17th century.
Sick from childhood, Blaise Pascal had internalized the inevitable brevity of his life. He died in 39 years.
But Blaise Pascal reconstituted would be saved by our medicine! Our hero can not be limited by his physical constitution. One more dies of fragility ... In France ... exceptions!
Born in France during the second half of the 20th century, Blaise Pascal would have naturally been impregnated by that time. And no doubt that seventeen years he would have marched through the streets with his classmates during a memorable necessarily memorable, unforgettable, wonderful, incomparable mobilization against an unacceptable attempt at reform, necessarily unacceptable, an attempt to reform National Education.
While at age 17, 1640, Blaise Pascal published test for taper. It's geometry, conical.

These difficulties should not discourage us.

If Pascal's wager is won, we observe paradise, and will surely be indignant d Be summarized by one of his aphorism Thoughts ... and what is not:

Blaise Pascal then invisible in the dark, is lit:
"There are only two kinds of people we can call reasonable: or who serve God with all their hearts because they know or those who seek him with all their heart because they do not know him. "

Young narrator:
As he prefers the assumption that we observe, it was more practical to invite him.

For those references which are essential, I said that this thinking is contained in number 194 dash 427 in the usual classification.

Pascal's wager ... an appeal to believers ... you have everything to gain from believing, even suggests a simple challenge: while you have everything to lose by not believing it. In the great game of eternity possible, bets are open!

As for my Blaise Pascal to me is an extract from paragraph 139 dash 136, which makes me essential:

Blaise Pascal:
All the misfortune of men just one thing, which is that it does not know stay rest in a room.

Young narrator:
All the misfortune of men just one thing, which is not to know not remain at rest In a room.

The profession of webmaster was naturally unknown Blaise Pascal.
It has not even seen the first edition of his thoughts, conducted by a group of friends eight years after his disappearance.

On 19 June 2023, the Post and some of us celebrate the 400th anniversary of his birth. The post office by issuing a postage stamp rate letters, with pre-sales in Clermont-Ferrand, where the notables will be released. On 19 June 2023, the occupation of webmaster will be commonplace. While the official classification we have Respondent administrative order to use a word more francophone ...

The life of the webmaster is precisely those living in a room: it allows to limit contacts humans but ignore its existence.
For it must be live! the webmaster of today, those performing its activity in the surprising silence of a village untouched by industry, roads, aviation and other nuisances, the webmaster is working to meet his needs, with the General Council demanded a professional project to continue to pay him his rmi.
course, as Blaise Pascal, he may write a few books ... but will only promote them via the internet, fleeing places claironnés book fairs, festivals, book, book fairs, read in a festive mood. Salon, fair or festival of the book, cultural space, or exhibition hall equipped with tables on trestles, where humans and often self-proclaimed writers, are visited by bystanders local figures seeking views on TV.
And the onlookers as the neighbors are talking.
And never forget ...

Blaise Pascal:
It spoils the spirit and a sense conversations.

Young narrator:
The webmaster creates and manages one or more websites. It therefore has the opportunity to promote his ideas. This was the ambition of Blaise Pascal. That is reassuring, we will in no way directed against his convictions. Even if this little presentation occultera willingly paying the glorification of the Christian religion of his thoughts.

Warning: our view is not to advise children to reject their parents, school and refuse to settle a screen. Training is essential. Even if, then, of course, will require sorting.
And in the training are still inevitably conversations.

Blaise Pascal:
Thus good or bad form or the spoils. It is therefore important to know how to choose to train and not to spoil.

Young narrator:
Let's be realistic, avoid any demagogy : Meet someone whose conversation form is also common for photographing a General Councillor subscriber to a library for a reason other than appearance.
With proper training is essential and virtually impossible. In three centuries we have hardly advanced in the tools available to solve the equation of life before life in a room.
If life in a room is the goal of being formed, it would be a prison for being wild ... use expressions old !...< br>
I can already hear the comments, but how this expensive Blaise came to this end? ... would be tempting to ask him ... but his contract is categorical, it prohibits any comment ... "Your role on earth is limited to recite the words extracted from your thoughts. "

There should lay the thoughts and look at the man ...
A thirty-one years a" great refusal of the World "succeeds a short period we call "worldly". On December 8, 1654, her sister Jacqueline inform their sister Gilberte and precise "disgust almost unbearable for all those who are." Who are ... "World" naturally.
On the subject of disgust, seeing that their thirties remains a crucial phase where the majority abandons, vautre in télécratie and other futilities, while a small number are moving towards a peaceful exit the tunnel.

All the misfortune of men just one thing, which is not to know not remain at rest, in a room.

I have long pondered this aphorism. During hours sometimes. And I loved the place. It gave me ... "Gender" ... I was young and at this age, when you're not a singer or hope for a sport media we seek most often a role that could magnetize the most lovely ladies.

Fanny is illuminated:
"It's your Sutra?"

Young narrator:
asked me one morning a young graduate in psychology. I replied with a smile "We can say that." With a smile not because of his question or my answer but its beauty. How did I seduce this girl?
I m'interrogeais even when she added:

"It does not your thing, in a room you immediately think to make love".
Young Narrator:
So I improvised. Without convincing. Something like: "remain at rest," today it would write "remain in peace" and the other is not necessarily the empêcheur serenity. "Resting" is far from the distractions away from bureaucrats.
She immediately showed me the flaw:

So only pensioners can afford it. You inherit accounts?

Young narrator:
It was during the last decade of the twentieth century and I had admitted defeat. I thought: I therefore return to an office and we will perhaps live a simple love story classic, it is possible to live with the brain besieged problems alleged vital for a company.
J 'Oeuvrais then in the drafting of service contracts, from an insurer and still popular arnaqueur.

Taraudait question me. To avoid appearing too bizarre ... it was really beautiful and if our history was limited by our condition, however, I wanted to live ...
taraudait question me, I expected a small fall of dialogue for me rush to the toilet.
So I need the pretext of going "down". The room was located in the mezzanine. Easy to see: the mezzanine upstairs, down the toilet, twelve stair and before the tiny bathroom, the vast room office lounge dining room, large compared to the twenty-six square metres of the lease . And hop, passing beside the office, I take the right hand of the dictionary.
Few steps and here I am sitting comfortably with almost Petit Robert on his knees. And I read:
SOUTRA: sanskrit word, a term teaching. Rule sanskrit, a collection of aphorisms of this kind.

Little more advanced ... but no time to procrastinate ... I mean ... Certainly, I had the good sense to close the rusty lock. But I feel trapped. It will include everything in seeing me out dictionary in hand. I'll still be ridiculous. Oh no! not with it! Suddenly enlightenment. I have lived together as a true enlightenment, the thought came to me !...< br> It ... I thought it ... not having chosen his first name before, in the pseudo musical hubbub of our meeting ... It has not yet come to the toilet ... if it sees the dictionary, it will surely a reflection rewarding.

What has not failed fifteen minutes later, while we were tenderly arms.

This is the first time I find myself in a bathroom with a dictionary.

Young narrator:
naturally I had prepared a spread: "You're quite familiar guys subscribers Play Boy? ".
Then she told me in this apartment at 22 rue des 3 faces, just ahead of neon and ugly of a cloth Ad Pay distributed free each week, even in my mailbox, then she told me, while it was raining in big drops on Arras and hence the famous Lion we apercevions via vasistas the mezzanine, the Lion overlooking the Belfry Arras:

Monday I go into a monastery, three years, three months and three days. I réciterai my sutras to me, the most noble thoughts of the great Buddhist spiritual masters.
Young narrator: < br> I KO I had to really have a head ahuri! She added:

This is the first time a Buddhist visit your daughter apartment?

Young narrator:
I can come to you?
I had found nothing else to break the silence.

It was my last night of love ... I hope you have enjoyed as much as me.

Young narrator:

In three years, three months and three days, you do remember may perhaps even more gaze of a little girl bizarroïde that you cross one evening in a smoky box.

Young narrator:
I can t'écrire.

Yes .. . but useless ... no mail would be forwarded to me.

Young narrator:
I have the right to t ' wait?

She set a few seconds. Printing be scanérisé. And it noted an address on the box condoms.

We stayed together until 20h14. It was the time of his train. We were passed to his hotel, take only one suitcase.
Only one bag is well enough, when one takes only the essential things.

Young narrator: I have a
now hoped to have diverted from its resolution. Then it was the last gesture of hands that can no longer reach but protrude into the other. And I sat collapsed on the floor, track number 3, his head against an iron bench. And I smiled. Maybe someone then listened to my reflection.
I was no longer able to pay attention to passengers or surveillance officers puzzled.
And who could understand my words! "Voilà! You've put in a position to confront your favorite aphorism with reality! "

Blaise Pascal:
All the misfortune of men just one thing, which is not to know not remain at rest In a room.

Young narrator:
This meeting gave me the strength to leave Pas-de-Calais. Find a room closest to his monastery was now the ambition.
But a first major difficulty does not slow me tickle meninges: money. No need to return to the apartment where it seemed inconceivable unacceptable intolerable impossible to go alone, no need to seek the exact amount at the bottom of each account ... current account and booklet A. .. nothing more ...
To know that this addition would never allow me to buy anything ... and that no owner will lease to an unemployed ...
course, leaving the office of small almost dynamic framework was imperative ... So station of Arras, his head against an iron bench in a green majority flaking, being dismissed became my first goal.
View my seniority, for the company this was a drop of water . For me it was ... Ocean ... and I had the right Assedic!
Dismissal finally easy. They appreciated my ... "Honesty" ... I invent ... the term of the Director of Human Relations.
He appreciated my: "I must leave. But this is not urgent. Then you can pay me to glander for two years or dismiss me tomorrow. In good economic logic, dismiss me immediately is the most profitable. "

Living just became my credo. Purchases repaid and small shenanigans.

Family Adieu, adieu relations, waves goodbye classmates weekend.
With the dismissal of the money I bought a house bi-centennial urgent renovation. In the Quercy, Quercy blanc, the extreme south of Lot. The Dordogne m'étant inaccessible, it took me down, down, until then neglected the region.

What to do when life condemns you to two years eleven months and a few days in a house? < br> In a house where I was the first resident full-time for five decades, previous owners have always used as a secondary residence. After the death of an ancestor, children in conflict, could not find agreement, they had to sell in six months. I was spent at the right time!

What to do? Read Thoughts of Pascal First! It was still one of the reasons for my presence in these places ... and of course, during my previous life, I contented myself with a dictionary of quotations ... I was a regular employee ... some aspirations for another life ... but lack of time, field trips, television, and aperitifs and blah blah ...

I must confess: impregnated with this aphorism

Blaise Pascal:
All the misfortune of men comes d ' one thing, which is not to know not remain at rest, in a room.

Young narrator:
I was expecting better!

even when I copied a few lines:

Blaise Pascal:
When one wants to resume with utility, and another show he was wrong, it must be pointed out later by what he considers the thing, because it is usually true that side, and to confess the truth, but let him discover the side where it is false.

Where does a lame does not irritate us, and a spirit lame irritates us? Because a lame recognizes that we are going right, and that a spirit lame said that it is we who boitons.

The men could not cure the death, misery, ignorance, they are advised to get happy, no point thinking.

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces frightens me .
Whoever loves someone because of its beauty, love? No: because smallpox, which kills the beauty without killing the person will love it more.

Any human dignity is the thought.

If we dream every night the same thing, it would affect us as much as the objects that we see every day. And if an artisan was sure to dream every night, twelve hours, he is king, I think it would be almost as pleased that a king who dream every night, twelve hours, he would artisan .

Young narrator:
naturally I was dreaming every night. I revivais that night. And yet I was not really happy. I felt like a passenger on a boat sailing, waiting to arrive in port.
In the situation as a marginal observed by the brave people ... you know ... those who do not, but then not at all, "we follow another road they." A marginal nicknamed "the glandeur", "lazy", "magouilleur", "social cases" by artisans, retirees and bigotes corner. Surely other nicknames ... but never voted before my windows open !...< br>
course, three years three months and three days after this meeting fundamental separation, I was in the Dordogne. I was aged,'m wondering if ... Fanny would recognize me. Hundreds of relatives waiting for the release of inmates. Two hours later, I was alone in front of a monk. I smiled. I questionnais a simple "I expect Fanny." His answer figea me, I n'osais ask for more: "Yes, I know."
He came out of edge his left sleeve of a letter handed to me.
I realized his departure when I had read for the fifth time this letter.

I will certainly never do if you came. Yet an intuition persuades me that you read this letter. I do not forget thee hence!
But I find what I felt, the essence behind the appearances, a world super-intellectual, radically inconsistent with the West today.
I did therefore no reason to go outside.
The serenity is possible. Do you effleureras perhaps with the help of Pascal. And others. N'hésite never leave you to contradict the thinking of others.
When I think of you, I t'imagine in a bedroom, serene.
This thought is pleasant.
The balance of the world passes by ours.
If you let a word, I will be handed over ... only if I decide to leave. Naturally, I am free to leave. But only an earthquake could convince me inside.
With my best memory.
Harmony, Light, Serenity,

Young narrator:
For a few days j'errais around the monastery, sleeping huddled on the benches before my 205 diesel color line. And I naturally left a letter. Pause: between twenty-five pages of envy and a few lines of reason.

Few lines, it was enough ... I read ... the letter could not produce the slightest earthquake, it would read that in case of exit.

Fanny, I
waiting a few tens of kilometers. This is a house. I live almost exclusively in a room. And when even a small piece of land surrounded by boxwood.
I hope you come naturally ... before being an old ascetic bald, toothless.
I, as in my dreams, t'embrasser

And I added the address.

A few days later, the social reality rattrapait me to turn.

I had to undergo training or present a concrete project. I was past the tranquillity "end of law in Solidarity Specific allocations" to put pressure on Rmiste. I have requested financial assistance to buy a computer. This request was at least the advantage of being a record for the services concerned. So m'octroyer of two months.
Course this request was refused. I had heard of Internet radio, on France-Inter ... and as it was the only real novelty at the time ... at least a niche not marked by the training institutes!
No, you do not see me in formatting professional!

A year later, I bought a computer, manufactured a small site in a free service and I was looking for a way to buy a domain name that at France Telecom ... Being webmaster agree ... but not start by being matraquer, snapping a two Rmi for a domain name charged six dollars to the USA.

My trouble administrative specified. The threats of suspension of minimum income rained. With the injunction to review the reference to a new record ... The dossier presented could not be validated by the commission. Project inconsistent. I do fournissais no budget, no economic models!
I had not even applied for financial markets, venture capital ... It was the era now known as the "Internet bubble" where some baratineurs with a vague idea met the head of the budget for a lifetime I do not know how many rmistes. Baratineurs well attuned to the realities of this country: the commissions need records. With graphics, growth factors, media plan, certainties.

These social contacts incrustaient in me the truth of the aphorism pascalien:

Blaise Pascal: Any
the misfortune of men just one thing, which is not to know not remain at rest, in a room.

Young narrator:
I have no choice! I must live through internet!
I relisais Thoughts ...
Blaise Pascal:
We are only lies, duplicity, frustration, and we hide and we déguisons ourselves.

Things of the world's most unreasonable become more reasonable because of the disruption of men.

The most important thing in any life is the choice of profession: the chance exists.

Young narrator:
few years earlier, become webmaster would have been equally impossible for qu'astronaute Blaise Pascal.
The choice of profession, the chance exists, of course. But the leadership belongs to us ... at certain times in certain countries.

direction: to become a kind of philosopher net!
Philosopher white shirt without BHL philosopher but the sources of philosophy.
Living simply live withdrawn, in Pascalien worthy of Epicure, receiving transfers every few months on his bank account in return advertisements appearing on the sites, money mostly from the USA ... France that have naturally a step behind when it comes to letting people choose to live in dignity, free.
Living little ... and even now without recourse to Rmi, having left the President of the General Council permanently suspend allowances and ... the case should have lost since ... No! They did not turn the unresponsive controls and monitoring administrative ... Only suspended! They are human ... they are ... Socialists!

Pascal led me to Epictéte, Epictéte to Sénéque, Epicure, Marcus Aurelius.
I was ripe for the whole of ancient philosophy, with the figure of the wise ideal, Mr. Socrates immortalized by his disciple Plato.
At the same time, naturally I was reading Buddhist texts.

And this was the revelation: the ideal of wisdom, philosophy lived, and not mere rhetoric or school worldly, wise antique is like a twin brother of Buddhist achieved.

The West and East have therefore, well before the ideal of on-consumer, experienced a time when life presented an ideal similar , And respectable.

Regardless of the door. For me, this was therefore Blaise Pascal. Never mind, we can live with dignity.

That history will call maybe the wisdom of the webmaster.
Thus Spoke Zarathustra (he breaks into laughter).

I confused!

Thus expressed Stéphane T. on one of its sites.


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